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Work smarter, improve profits and build consumer confidence in your products with NutriCalc, the nutrition calculation software that leading food companies count on.

NutriCalc has more than 25 years’ experience helping food businesses develop and cost recipes, produce compliant food labels, formulate and reformulate food products and declare ingredients and allergens.

NutriCalc nutrition calculation software is regarded as the industry standard and is trusted by Trading Standards and environmental health departments.

Designed by food science experts, NutriCalc puts you in control, so you can generate complete nutrition profiles quickly and confidently.

Here are just a few reasons why leading food companies worldwide choose NutriCalc:

  • Fast, reliable results every time

    NutriCalc nutrition calculation software is the quick, easy way to produce accurate data in the format you need, from front-of-pack and back-of-pack labels, to fully compliant ingredient lists, QUID and allergen declarations.

  • Unrivalled data accuracy

    NutriCalc data files include over 12,000 ingredients contained in the UK Nutrient Databank and USDA files, plus our unique NutriCalc Supplementary File of manufacturers’ ingredients and the option to add your own data in your ‘My Ingredients’ file.

  • Great value pricing

    NutriCalc has a flexible pricing plan which is designed to suit your business needs. Choose Pay As You Go or annual subscription, with our Professional or Premium plans.

  • Your data, your way

    Store frequently-used ingredients and sub-recipes, auto-adjust nutrient information and share reports in a range of formats.

  • Invaluable support

    Trust our expert team to answer technical questions and help you make the most of your NutriCalc online software. You can also watch our informative video tutorials – and ask us about on-site NutriCalc masterclasses for your staff.

  • Technical challenges made easy

    NutriCalc® offers a range of unique solutions to issues such as filling gaps in supplier information, setting custom allergens, adding ice cream overruns and calculating the fruit content of preserves.

  • Get started straightaway

    NutriCalc nutrition calculation software is available online via a secure web app that you can access on your desktop, tablet or laptop on Mac or PC. With its intuitive, user-friendly design and built-in ‘help’ function, you can be up and running in just a few clicks.

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Just some of the businesses we work with, and what they have to say about us

  • “As a food manufacturer we are constantly developing bespoke seasonal recipes for a wide range of high profile clients. Seasonal products move quickly and generate tight deadlines where accurate and useful information is required at very short notice. To meet these needs we have relied on NutriCalc for many years. The software is easy to use and, most importantly, accurate. The Nutricalc team is knowledgeable and confident in their support, proving time and again that there are no substitutes for experience and acumen, the foundations on which I believe NutriCalc is built.

    If you need accurate, useful, viable nutritional data then you should be using NutriCalc”.

    Quattro Foods Ltd

  • “A big thank you for the wonderful telephone support which has been exemplary and I could not have done my job this well without your patience, professionalism and understanding as workload has not allowed me to attend a formal training session off site”.

    Middlesex Meat Company

  • “Once you start to use NutriCalc it is very easy”.

    Pollok Williamson Butchers


Step by step guide

Enter the name of your product

Step by step guide

Find your ingredient from data files supplied or enter your own

Step by step guide

Enter the ingredient quantity and the cook/weight loss, if any

Step by step guide

Enjoy your reports at the click of a button

NutriCalc's Unique Ingredients

Improve quality of suppliers information

5-a-day calculation

In-depth meat content

5 international formats for exportation

In-built check functions

Easily Tweak Nutrient Information (Auto Adjust)

Fruit content of preserves

Optional values per 100mls

Custom allergens

Add overrun for ice creams

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Who we work with

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