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Our pioneering approach, attention to detail and exceptional customer service have helped NutriCalc® become the nutrition calculation software tool of choice for the world’s leading food companies.

  • Solid foundations in food science

    The NutriCalc® story began in 1991, when food scientist Dr David Bartley turned his years of experience of running food analysis laboratories into writing a pioneering software package for calculating nutrition information.

    Since then, Dr Bartley and his expert team have worked constantly to refine and develop NutriCalc®, responding to feedback from customers and the changing requirements of legislation.

    NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software is now widely regarded as best in class for the accuracy and quality of its data and for excellent customer service.

  • Expertise made easy

    At NutriCalc® our mission is to put our wealth of expertise and technical knowledge at your service. NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software is designed to be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. We’ve streamlined the calculation process to save you time and stress – so you can focus on creating best-selling products and recipes, on time and within budget.

    We understand the technical challenges our customers face and have packed NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software with features to help, from handy shortcuts to built-in check functions and the option to customise your data to suit your requirements.

  • Second-to-none support

    At NutriCalc® we are passionate about helping you make the most of your nutrition calculation software. Support is available every step of the way, from the comprehensive help functions that come with the software, to online video tutorials, FAQs, and on-site training for your team. All NutriCalc® users also have access to our in-house team of experts, either by email (for Professional package subscribers) or by email and telephone if you choose our Premium package.

  • Don’t take our word for it…

    Many NutriCalc® customers have been with us for years and we are proud to have helped them grow. They include businesses in all sectors of the food industry, from global manufacturers to local artisan producers, and major catering chains to independent restaurants. NutriCalc® is widely used to train students in nutrition calculation and is trusted by Trading Standards and environmental health departments. Find out more about why our customers choose NutriCalc® on our Who We Work With page.

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Meeting Nutrition Targets

Producing healthier products is a constant requirement for food manufacturers and retailers. Pressure for this may come, for example, from publication of new government targets, customer initiatives, and/or a desire for commercial advantage.

Case Study: Low Carbohydrate Products

A customer was asked by a retailer to develop a range of low-carbohydrate products with a maximum of 4.0% carbohydrate. We explained to the customer how to use the contributions function to view the contribution made to the carbohydrate value from each of the ingredients.

Nutrition calculations for recipes – Things to consider

Dr David F Bartley shares his 25 years of experience to provide advice on forming nutrition calculations for recipes, the pit falls to watch out for and some best practices to consider.

NutriCalc vs Analysis

If you need nutrition information for your food products, you have two options: analysis and calculation. As a former UKAS-accredited lab manager and the originator of the NutriCalc® software, my aim here is to help you make that choice.

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