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Managing Director

Even though he has spent over three decades working in the food industry, David is still ‘hands on’ and is as geeky about accuracy now as he has always been!

If you think that sounds awfully boring, in his spare time, he’s an avid Speedway fan and would have liked to have been a rider if he’d had the chance.


Software Architect

Since joining the team in 2018 Graham has proved himself to be a real powerhouse! He says that if you cut him open he’d have ‘developer’ running through him like a stick of rock and can’t believe he gets paid for what he loves!

Graham would never want to do anything else but he does find time for surfing, cycling and his lovely dog Leo.


Office Manager

Organisation is Rachel’s middle name! She ensures that all areas of the engine room here at HQ run smoothly.

She spends as much time as she can in her garden and would be a Horticulturalist if she had her time again. She’s also ‘hands on’ (literally) with the hunky Ironmen (lucky duck) and she likes them so much she got one of her own!


Sales & Support Manager

Sue’s favourite job is helping people. Whether she’s advising you about which version, whether you need the software or the calculation service, or need help with making the best of the software, she’s always happy to hear from you.

Sue loves baking and quilting and if she had her time again she would have been an Anthropologist.

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