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When you choose NutriCalc nutrition calculation software, you are in very good company – as many of our satisfied customers across the world will tell you.

At NutriCalc our mission is to help food industry professionals use nutrition calculation to support their businesses and achieve their goals.

With more than 25 years’ experience of working closely with clients, we have an unrivalled knowledge and understanding of nutrition information and labelling and we have built all of that expertise into our industry-leading nutrition calculation software.

And we are very proud to say that our many hundreds of customers agree with us. Here are just some of the businesses we work with, and what they have to say about us.

As a food manufacturer we are constantly developing bespoke seasonal recipes for a wide range of high profile clients. Seasonal products move quickly and generate tight deadlines where accurate and useful information is required at very short notice. To meet these needs we have relied on Nutricalc for many years. The software is easy to use and, most importantly, accurate. The Nutricalc team is knowledgeable and confident in their support, proving time and again that there are no substitutes for experience and acumen, the foundations on which I believe Nutricalc is built. If you need accurate, useful, viable nutritional data then you should be using Nutricalc.
— Quattro Foods Ltd
A big thank you for the wonderful telephone support which has been exemplary and I could not have done my job this well without your patience, professionalism and understanding as workload has not allowed me to attend a formal training session off site.
— Middlesex Meat Company
Customer support is fantastic. I have had 2 or 3 'glitches' and they have been resolved very quickly.
— A1 Cake Mixes
I have already recommended NutriCalc® to other bakers.
— L.F Dangerfield (Bakery)
The support from the NutriCalc® team is great and they are extremely helpful in answering any queries I have had.
— The Natural Fruit & Beverage Company
Good customer service, easy to use and report data to my manager. Thanks!
— Topping Meats
Superb product
— Ghanim International UK Ltd
Easy to use!
— Pattons Bakery
The very occasional times I have needed assistance, it has always been given and useful.
— Izzy’s Patisserie Ltd
Once you start to use NutriCalc® it is very easy.
— Pollok Williamson Butchers
Good support team.
— CMB Foods Ltd
Very happy with the back-up and support from NutriCalc® staff.
— The Bretzel Bakery
Very happy with NutriCalc®, service maintenance etc
— Simmons Bakers
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