Add Overrun for Ice Cream Products

The feature allowing you to add the overrun to your ice cream products is available to subscribers to all NutriCalc Online Plans.


NutriCalc gives you nutrition values per 100g by default. It also allows you to obtain values per 100ml by adding in a specific gravity.


Ice cream products often have nutrition information expressed as ‘per 100ml’, because ice cream has air homogenised within it. The percentage of air added to the product is known as overrun. If a volume of ice cream mix of 100 litres has 50 litres of air pumped in, the overrun is 50%.


NutriCalc makes adjustments using the content of the ice cream to obtain the specific gravity and applies those to the nutrition values per 100g in order to obtain values per 100ml.

There is however a difficulty if the ice cream is made up but then has solid pieces added (such as chocolate or strawberry pieces). There is no difficulty in doing ‘per 100g’ calculations but trying to use the overrun feature if we only have a weight for additions will not be very accurate.


In such a case, the only possibility is to work out the total volume of the ice cream, if known, together with the total weight and to obtain a specific gravity (weight divided by volume).

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