Case Study: Sugars Value Discrepancy

Sugar 800 x 533

Our client contacted us as their own customer had testing done by a contract lab and found a sugars value discrepancy. They found that the level of sugars was significantly lower than the NutriCalc value.

We were asked for help and responded immediately:

We requested the lab report and asked for NutriCalc values, to see how far out the values were (on occasion we find that values are actually very close but the client’s expectation is for an exact match to two decimal points).

After assessing screenshots, ingredient and recipe(s) data, we established that this calculation was correct.

However, we did notice that the lab results gave a glucose content of 3%, whereas in view of the glucose syrup content, we would expect to see a value of at least 20%.

We were then left with a few possibilities for the reason for the discrepancy:

1) product not manufactured correctly
2) lab error
3) some error with the paperwork
4) wrong product was sent to the lab

• It was clear from manufacturing records that the product had been made correctly, although we have seen errors here a few times historically.

• Whilst it is possible that the lab might not have performed their testing correctly, the results really didn’t support that theory.

• The likelihood is that there has been an error along the line with the paperwork (wrong product results placed on the table etc.)

• We have seen the outcome as reason 4, but this is unusual

Our advice to our client was to advise the customer to check with the lab that the transfer of data was correct and/or ask for a product re-test.

Mistakes can happen at any point during the manufacturing and testing process and over the years, here at NutriCalc we’ve seen most, but we’re always happy to help in any way we can.

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