Case Study: Verifying Results in Nutrition Report

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A client of ours contacted us, as her customer had challenged the nutrition report she had supplied, which did not correlate closely enough with their lab tests.

The client explained to us that she had been verifying the results generated in NutriCalc with her Excel Spreadsheet. Fortunately, our client came to us and asked us to investigate for her.

The situation was easily resolved when we realised that our client had been relying entirely on suppliers’ specification sheets for every ingredient, and ignoring the ‘warnings’ that NutriCalc had been prompting her with.

We were able to demonstrate that, by using a combination of ingredient information supplied with the software, (which, for standard, non-variable ingredients; oils, eggs, sugars, etc. will be more accurate and comprehensive than anything received from a supplier) combined with paying heed to the in-built checks and warnings that NutriCalc flags, our client was able to generate much more accurate data which then correlated very closely to her customers lab report.

Heavy reliance on suppliers’ specification sheets without the experience and/or understanding of how to spot errors is a fairly common issue that we respond to.

Our experience of the variance in quality of suppliers specification sheets, along with our expert understanding of the chemical composition of foods, has allowed us to build into our software, warnings and suggestions of how to improve these, and offer a much more accurate and comprehensive dataset that they have been supplied with.

This level of support and advice is unlimited and comes as standard with every Plan.

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