Adding Dairy Products To Your Recipes: Are You Milking Your Products Potential?

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It’s interesting to note that a recent survey on eating habits published by the Food Standards Agency in London*, found that 12% of respondents had a food intolerance, of which 41% were dairy-intolerant. 

We can therefore assume that 5% of people have a dairy intolerance.

Bearing in mind that most Food Manufacturers would prefer not to lose 5% of the consumer market, we wonder whether manufacturers could ask themselves whether it’s really necessary to include milk and/or Lactose within their products.

Whilst we understand that you can’t easily remove the cheese from a pizza or cream and butter from cream cakes, a huge number of products contain small amounts of dairy ingredients such as lactose, dried whey and dried skimmed milk that are added for technical reasons or perhaps as a carrier for a flavouring or other ingredient.

Another potential benefit of course (depending upon your product) is the appeal to the fast-growing Vegan market.

We therefore wonder, could these small amounts of dairy products be replaced by something else, bearing in mind the potential to boost sales by at least 5%!


* Ref: FSA flagship survey reveals how we all eat today


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