Who Uses a Nutrition Calculation Tool?

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A question we’re often asked whenever we tell people what we do is, ‘Who uses a nutrition calculation tool, then?’
In fact, there are many applications for a nutrition calculator.

For example:
  • Manufacturers use it for their labels and specifications
  • Caterers use it to meet targets and provide information to clients
  • Healthcare and care professionals use it to design meals and products to meet target vitamin and mineral levels
  • New Product Developers use it to ensure that the macronutrients meet their targets and to provide information to retailers with new submissions
  • Lecturers and teachers use it to teach the next generation of food professionals
  • Students use it for their assignments
  • Retailers use it for their labels and to research new products
  • Consultants use it to support their food professional clients
  • Restaurants use it to get nutrition and allergen information
  • Wholesalers use it to get customer information
  • Trading Standards Officers use it to check labels and to demonstrate how to get healthier products
The most important thing of course, if you do need one, is to select the correct one, one that will generate accurate data and support you through what may seem to the untrained eye to be a daunting process.

Fortunately for readers of this article, you’ve now found one that does all of that!

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