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Isn't it Time You Considered the Alternative?

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If you’re looking for a testing laboratory, consider the amount of time, effort and forward planning involved with the list of things you need to do.

Did you know that calculation software offers a cheaper and quicker alternative if you require nutrition information for your product’s labelling?

Get Instant Results

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Calculation software puts users in complete control. Create and download the nutrition, ingredient and allergen information, all legally compliant, yourself.

NutriCalc, our industry-standard calculation software, has been providing a fully compliant, faster, cheaper & simpler alternative, to many different types of users for over 30 years.

Save Hundreds of Pounds

Save Hundreds of Pounds 800 x 533

Lab analysis costs up to £300 per sample

Inflation and cost rises are putting even more pressure on your overheads. 

Lab Analysis is expensive and there are additional courier & production costs. Being charged per sample also makes it hard to control costs.

Calculation Software is a fixed cost, more affordable option with a subscription date, so it could save you money and make it easy to budget for. 

Save Lots of Time

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Lab analysis typically takes around 10 days

Lab Analysis is slow, making it impractical for recipe design, when reformulations are being tweaked and need checking against nutrition targets.

Calculation Software’s perfect for NPD as recipes can be designed before producing samples, so it’s much quicker and you don’t incur production costs.

Avoid Costly Delays

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Lab analysis results can be delayed if samples are lost or held up

Lab Analysis results might take even longer due to unpredictable postal strikes and courier backlogs, so it could be costly if you miss a key deadline.

Calculation Software generates recipe nutrition results instantly, anywhere at any time (if it’s online). You can also share reports instantly with your clients.


Help the Environment

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Lab analysis uses a lot of carbon-emitting resources 

Lab Analysis requires food manufacturing, physical transportation, packaging, testing chemicals, as well as energy to power the lab premises.

Calculation Software only requires a computer, internet access and your recipes,  reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment.

Limitations of Each Method

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Lab Analysis isn’t suited to all food products. Exclusions include those requiring a very accurate carbohydrate value, such as very low or high carb recipes. Also, it makes no sense to have products analysed when there’s natural variation, such as in raw meat. 

Calculation Software isn’t suitable for fermented, deep-fried, and pickled (where vinegar is drained) products, or where material is lost or removed. However, using a combined approach of both methods can also help keep costs down.

Unsure? With absolute integrity we’ll tell you if calculation isn’t suitable for your products. 

Why NutriCalc?

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*Price excluding VAT for Professional plan annual membership. **Premium plan only. 

Labelling Right First Time

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4 simple steps:  

1) Select your ingredients (or enter your own!)

2) Enter the quantity

3) Enter the weight after cooking (if it’s cooked)

4) You’ll then have everything you need.

If you’re time poor or new to the food industry, don’t worry as with our nutrition calculation service you can delegate this task to our in-house food science experts.

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