In Built Check Functions

As well as improving the quality of supplier information, NutriCalc offers you an additional opportunity to pick up on any anomalies and oversights in your data.


On the final nutrition page, if there appear to be any errors in the data, you will see a yellow guide message at the top of the page. This offers a final opportunity to check the data entered if you have not already done so, and enter a serving size where this is required for the country you are exporting to.


There may be one or more messages giving more detail about what the issues are that may need investigation. Calculations are made and checked against the expectation of the rules of normal ingredients. It does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong but that this is likely.


We cannot stress enough the importance of checking your entries and being guided by the yellow guide messages. Most often it does mean that something is not quite right.

Suppliers information can often be incorrect, out of date, or from overseas and not in line with the EU legislation and therefore cannot always be taken as correct.


As outlined in our paper on improving the quality of data, unless there are significant amounts of alcohol, polyols or organic acids, the guides should be followed, and advice taken.


Always bear in mind the ingredient components of the product you are entering which may throw up any errors e.g. a 0 starch value where there is wheat present.

Please also see our paper on how NutriCalc improves the quality of supplier information.

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