NutriCalc News – January 2020

NutriScore 800 x 533

New features including the ‘Nutri-Score’ front of packs label, nutrition claims guidance, Hong Kong labelling format, and retailer shelf report style for allergens

Our clever developers and brilliant mathematician have been super busy with lots of lovely new features for our Premium Plan users only with this update:

  • We’ve introduced the ‘Nutri-Score’ label for the front of packs (and we love it)
  • And a great new nutrition claims feature which will tell you whether you can claim that your product is ‘high’, ‘low’, ‘contains’ or is a ‘source of’ the nutrient.
  • And a labelling format for the Hong Kong market

And for those of you super subscribers to any of our lovely plans:

  • We have a lovely new shelf report style for Allergens for our retailer clients

And for all of our lovely users, including those of you who are just giving us a try at the moment on our free 7-day trial, we have a live chat function to give you instant access to support from our superb support team!  

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