NutriCalc News – April 2021

Food Measurement 800 x 533

New features including entering quantities in litres and millilitres etc, different size options for common items, barcodes and QR codes generation, Help pages, Polyols on back of pack reports 

Another crop of new features already proving popular with our users!:

  • In addition to entering quantities into your recipe in grams, you can now use kilograms, litres, millilitres, fluid ounces and cups.
  • Also, for many common items, you can now enter a quantity such as a large egg or medium banana.  This option will be great for recipes that are going to made up in the kitchen.  But use grams, kilograms, litres etc for best accuracy!
  • We can now generate barcodes and QR codes!
  • Relevant Help pages can be opened by clicking on a ? icon on the page
  • Polyols is now an option on the back-of-pack nutrition report
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