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We regularly publish new Expert Paper articles on all subjects related to food science, food nutrition calculation / analysis, and food labelling. These are brought to you by NutriCalc’s in-house experts.

Allergen Labelling Canada 800 x 533

Allergen Labelling in Canada

On December 14, 2016 the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations were amended to change requirements for ingredient labelling and food colour requirements.  There...

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NutriCalc Vs Analysis 800 x 533

NutriCalc vs Analysis

Are you aware that calculation is a recognised method for nutrition labelling? In the current climate, amidst uncertainty and reduced services, it may...

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Carbohydrates 800 x 533


Carbohydrate chemistry is complex.  This article will hopefully clarify some areas relevant to food and nutrition. 1) sugars In food labelling, the sugars value...

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Nutrition Targets 800 x 533

Meeting Nutrition Targets

Producing healthier products is a constant requirement for food manufacturers and retailers. Pressure for this may come, for example, from publication of new...

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