Delegate the Calculation of Your Recipe Nutrition Information to Us

Why use our recipe calculation service?


If you’re time poor and have important recipe development deadlines to meet, or you’re new to the food industry and don’t yet feel fully confident in calculating the nutrition values yourself with our software, don’t worry as we can help you.

We offer a confidential  nutrition calculation service from your recipe via email, provided by a team of experts with over 30 years of specialist experience in this area.

How much does the service cost?


Our pricing starts from as little as £65 + VAT for a basic recipe, and as standard you’ll receive your recipe within 2 working days. 

However, we also offer faster turnaround timeframes if your deadline is more urgent:

  • Standard 48-hour service (2 working days) – fees start from £65 + VAT
  • Fast track 24-hour service (1 working day) – fees start from £130 + VAT
  • Urgent, same day service – fees start from £260 + VAT*

*Please note that the time of day your recipe is submitted will also affect the cost

What nutrition information will I receive?


All our services offer as standard a full 40 nutrient table and Back of Pack format for labelling (examples below).

Please let us know if you need any other reports at the time of placing your order and we can include these in our quote.

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     What  do you need from me?

  • A recipe with a name/title and/or product code
  • An accurate recipe for your product, including the ingredient names and quantities of every single item that goes into it (including water)         
  • Details of any cooking and processing method(s) and a final yield (cooked and cooled weight) or % weight loss     
  • Payment on acceptance of our quotation
  • Please note that we only undertake calculation work where we can be confident that we have sufficient information to generate accurate data, so please don’t be offended if we refuse the work and advise a lab test as this is sometimes in your best interest for accuracy for your labels. This does happen occasionally if products are unsuitable or because we have no confidence in the quality of some major ingredient data provided (not usually the client’s fault).

How do I use this service?


To delegate the calculation of nutrition information for your product to us, simply email your recipe information to:

On receipt of your email/submission to us, you will receive an email confirming receipt. Please allow us up to 2 working hours in order to check through this and respond with any questions we have, and a firm quote for carrying out the work.

Your recipe nutrition results will then be emailed back to you within the selected service timeframe.

Disclaimer: NutriCalc Ltd do not guarantee to undertake calculations for recipes submitted. In the event that changes are made to a recipe after submission, additional fees may be incurred. All calculations are based upon the UK Nutrient databank and other data, and are our best estimates using the recipe information supplied.

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