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NutriCalc nutrition calculation software is a powerful online resource to help your business generate accurate, compliant nutrition data quickly and easily.

With more than 25 years’ experience working with the food industry, NutriCalc understands the food labelling and development challenges you face every day. Our innovative, user-friendly software is designed by experts to deliver the solutions you need.

NutriCalc nutrition calculation software is available via an online web app that you can log into across a range of devices on Apple or PC hardware.

The software is continuously updated online – no more waiting for upgrades – and comes with high levels of security and encryption for essential peace of mind.

Here’s what you can look forward to when you choose NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software:

  • Save time, work smarter

    NutriCalc® user-friendly software is packed with options to make your life easier. Store and quick-load recent and favourite recipes, tag frequently used ingredients, create sub-recipes and enter them with one click to get the results you need fast.

  • Control food costings

    NutriCalc® is the ideal tool to help you improve margins and ensure cost-effective food product development. Track the impact of day-to-day changes in suppliers’ prices across your product range with one click, or quickly calculate the costs of modifying portion sizes or the number of ingredients.

  • Streamline recipe development

    When you’re designing or modifying a recipe, you need to compare the effect of changes fast. NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software allows you to view each ingredient’s contribution to any nutrient and add comments and methods to recipes. Highlight the impact of changes to the energy values with a user-friendly graphic display and export data into Word or Excel documents or pdfs to share results with colleagues for quick decision-making.

  • Calculate with confidence

    When you choose NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software you can be confident you are using completely accurate, up-to-date, compliant databases containing more than 12,000 ingredients. Our expert in-house team is also on hand to offer support and advice on using NutriCalc® software, and tips on any technical calculation issues you may have.

Pricing Plans

Choose the NutriCalc® service that works for your business with our range of great-value subscription plans.

The food industry relies on NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software to deliver clear, transparent data – and that’s the approach we take to our pricing.

At NutriCalc®, excellence comes as standard. Our industry-leading features –  including recipe design and costing, nutrition profiles, QUID, allergen and ingredient lists, in-built check functions and expert support – are built into every price point.

But we don’t ask you to pay for services you don’t need. Choose from three flexible options:

NutriCalc Professional

£65 + VAT* per month or £650 + VAT p.a. offers:
  • Comprehensive Nutrition Reports
  • Per 100g, per 100ml & Portion Sizes
  • Ingredient Declarations With QUID & Allergens
  • In-Built Check Functions to Keep You on Track
  • Improve Quality of Limited Ingredient Specifications
  • Design Recipes to Meet Nutrition Targets
  • Email Access to Expert Support
  • Upload Pictures of Your Products

All fees are per seat

NutriCalc Professional Plus

£85 + VAT* per month or £850 + VAT p.a. offers:
  • All Benefits & Features of Professional plan
  • Official Meat Content Calculation
  • More Detailed Meat QUIDing (excess fat, connective tissue)

All fees are per seat

NutriCalc Premium

£130 + VAT* per month or £1300 + VAT p.a. offers:
  • All benefits and Features of Professional Plus
  • 5-a-day Calculations
  • Compliant Formats for Export to: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, USA
  • Fruit Content of Preserves
  • Unlimited Telephone Support & Advice

All fees are per seat

For more details or to discuss which pricing package would be best for your business, talk to one of our expert team today .

All fees are per seat.

* VAT where applicable.

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