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Make sure your nutrition labels are right first time, every time, with NutriCalc nutrition calculation software.

Accurate, informative nutrition labels are essential tools to help promote and build trust in your products. NutriCalc nutrition calculation software has been designed by experts to make the labelling process quick and easy, and minimise the risk of expensive mistakes.

NutriCalc nutrition label software is flexible enough to suit all food businesses, from start-ups to multinationals, and is trusted by Trading Standards and Environmental Health departments.

Use NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software to generate energy and nutrient profiles for front-of-pack or back-of-pack labels, complete ingredients lists, QUID (Quantitative Ingredient Declarations), allergen declarations and more besides:

  • Fully compliant data files

    NutriCalc® data files include the UK Nutrient Databank, adjusted according to EU1169/2011 requirements, and the USDA files, recalculated to be compatible with UK data. Plus our unique NutriCalc® Supplementary File and a ‘My Ingredients’ file for your own custom ingredients.

  • Build the complete picture

    Use NutriCalc®’s inbuilt help functions to fill gaps in supplier information, double-check the data in your ‘My Ingredients’ file, and highlight missing and inconsistent information.

  • Support your health claims

    NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software generates RDA and RI data, identifies 14 allergens, allows you to add custom allergens and provides data to support low-fat, low-salt or low-carb claims. Choose our Premium plan to generate 5-a-day information for fruit and vegetable content.

  • Extra resource for meat producers

    NutriCalc®’s Professional Plus and Premium plan provides in-depth meat content data, such as visual:lean ratios for different cuts, plus excess fat and connective tissue information – ideal for QUIDs required by the Meat Product Regulations 2003/2014.

  • Export with confidence

    NutriCalc® nutrition labelling software produces data in formats compatible with all EU labelling requirements. Choose our Premium plan for data compliant with labelling regulations in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA.

  • Tips and advice on hand

    Consult our expert team on ingredient search tips, quantity conversion queries and any technical questions about your NutriCalc® online software. With over 25 years’ experience, we know you need to get your labelling right and we are here to help.

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