NutriCalc offers the experience and expertise to deliver cost-effective solutions to all sectors of the food industry, putting businesses in control and helping them achieve their goals

For 29 years, NutriCalc has worked with food industry professionals in all sectors to deliver the accurate, compliant, nutrition data they require

From manufacturing giants to family bakeries and wholesale caterers to local restaurants, food producers regard NutriCalc as the industry’s leading online nutrition calculation service

Trading Standards officers and the teachers of tomorrow’s food professionals also trust NutriCalc to meet the high standards they need

Nutrition Calculation for FOOD MANUFACTURING

NutriCalc nutrition calculation software helps food manufacturers stay on top of regulation and ahead of trends in today’s fast-moving food industry. Food manufacturers large and small count on NutriCalc to provide them with cost-effective nutrition calculation for new product development and for all their labelling and compliance needs

Nutrition Calculation for CATERING

NutriCalc nutrition calculation software is trusted by retail and wholesale caterers to help them create menus and product ranges that meet regulatory requirements and exceed customer expectations

NutriCalc nutrition calculation software is widely regarded as the industry’s leading tool to help caterers provide excellent service to their clients, by providing accurate, reliable, useful nutrition information at all stages, from recipe development to meal preparation and product labelling


NutriCalc has worked closely with Trading Standards departments over many years, supplying both software and training. Trading Standards officers and Environmental Health departments across the UK trust NutriCalc online software to support them by delivering fast, accurate data 

Trading Standards departments turn to NutriCalc nutrition calculation software when they need accurate, reliable data delivered at speed


For meat product producers, our Professional Plus and Premium plans also includes the Meat Products Regulations 2003/2014 file, providing in-depth meat content information required for QUID declarations

Nutrition Calculation for RESTAURANTS

Today’s diners are more health-conscious than ever. NutriCalc enables easy generation of complete nutrition profiles for all dishes, including accurate data for allergen declarations. Identify dishes that are low in fat, salt, sugar or carbs, to display on menus and websites and build trust with customers

From international chains to local start-ups, restaurateurs count on NutriCalc nutrition calculation software to streamline recipe development, control costs and improve their offering

Nutrition Calculation for EDUCATION

NutriCalc helps students develop problem-solving skills and self-sufficiency by offering a range of support options, including our online FAQs and informative video tutorials, in-built help functions and search prompts

NutriCalc is packed with features to demonstrate and teach all aspects of nutrition calculation. Whether students are working out energy values in a simple recipe, designing healthier food products, learning about compliance with labelling regulations, or costing menu ingredients, NutriCalc nutrition calculation software will help them generate complete, accurate information using the data files they will use as qualified industry professionals

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