Why the industry chooses NutriCalc to add value

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NutriCalc offers the experience and expertise to deliver cost-effective solutions to all sectors of the food industry, putting businesses in control and helping them achieve their goals.

For more than 25 years, NutriCalc has worked with food industry professionals in all sectors to deliver the accurate, compliant, nutrition data they require.

From manufacturing giants to family bakeries and wholesale caterers to local restaurants, food producers regard NutriCalc as the industry’s leading online nutrition calculation service.

Trading Standards officers and the teachers of tomorrow’s food professionals also trust NutriCalc to meet the high standards they need.

Here are just some of the ways that NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software helps the food industry achieve its business goals:

  • Delivering value for manufacturers

    Food businesses from artisan start-ups to multinationals count on NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software to provide nutrition information they can trust in formats they can use to develop products, control costs, comply with regulations, generate accurate labels and build confidence with their customers.

  • Putting caterers in control

    NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software equips caterers of all sizes with the tools they need to create meals that meet their clients’ nutrition and budget requirements and labels that are completely compliant with regulations.

  • Developing restaurant menus

    Whether they need to cost dishes, design healthier recipes, or generate information about energy and allergens for their menus, website or for internal use, restaurants of all sizes regard NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software as the complete recipe development tool.

  • Supporting Trading Standards

    NutriCalc® is the software Trading Standards and Environmental Health officers trust to deliver their own nutrition calculation services. Available via laptop or tablet, and with user-friendly graphic displays, NutriCalc® is also the ideal portable tool to use on-site with clients, to show them how to improve their nutrition information.

  • Helping students achieve more

    Colleges and universities nationwide use NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software to help students develop the key skill of using nutrition databases. NutriCalc® easy set-up and intuitive structure ensure students spend less time navigating complex programs, and more time learning.

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