Nutrition Calculation For Education

As the industry standard nutrition calculation tool, colleges and universities across the UK give their students the best possible start in their food industry careers with NutriCalc.


NutriCalc is the ideal tool for training and education as it is widely recognised as the industry standard, and experience with NutriCalc is often listed by recruiters as a key skill for job applicants.


Learn on or Off Campus

  • Log in to your NutriCalc account anytime, anywhere using a desktop, laptop or tablet
  • No more difficulty getting computer time to be able to deliver assignments

Build confidence quickly

  • Generate accurate reports quickly & build confidence
  • Develop skills needed to make full use of NutriCalc and apply it to course requirements for food science, nutrition, dietetics and catering courses
  • Improve job prospects as many food industry vacancies require experience with NutriCalc

Cover the whole syllabus

  • Teach all aspects of nutrition calculation
  • Work out energy values in a simple recipe, designing healthier food products, learning about compliance with labelling regulations, or costing menu ingredients
  • NutriCalc generates complete, accurate information using the data files used as a qualified industry professional

Top marks for support

Access to a range of unlimited support options anytime, anywhere to develop problem solving skills, including:

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