Nutrition Calculation For Food Manufacturers

Whether you’re a start-up, an SME or a multi-national, you can access instant, cost-effective nutrition calculations
for both NPD (New Product Development) and labelling.

In the current climate, with COVID-19 impacting on many businesses in the Food Industry, you can rely on our unlimited, unwavering support for your business.  Our clients know they can trust us to stay on top of labelling regulations – one less thing to worry about!

For product formulation...

  • Uniquely accurate and compliant databases containing over 12,000 ingredients
  • Create your own custom ingredients
  • Raw meat product producers, our Professional Plus and Premium packages also include the official Meat Products Regulations 2003/2014 file, providing in-depth meat content information required for official meat QUID declarations

... and re-formulation

  • Easily design healthier products and modify portion sizes 
  • See how much each ingredient contributes to every nutrient
  • Change, adapt, remove, or add ingredients and instantly generate new reports for sharing and quick decision-making – far more cost-effective than laboratory analysis

Label formats for all markets

  • Per 100g/100ml and per portion or pack sizes
  • Back-of-pack format, front-of-pack format 
  • Ingredient lists, QUID and allergen declarations
  • RDA (recommended daily allowances) and RI (reference intake) data
  • 5-a-day claims, Nutri-score and formats for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, China, the USA, and the GCC / Gulf States.  (Premium plan only)

Save time, save money

  • No need to start every new nutrition calculation from scratch
  • Create sub-recipes, favourite recipes and recent recipes for one-click uploading
  • Tag favourites to save time on searches
  • Track product ingredients costings and instantly factor in any changes in ingredient prices across all recipes

Support at your fingertips

  • Email
  • Live Chat function (UK office hours)
  • Raise a ticket from ‘help and support’ in your account
  • Help videos
  • Case Studies
  • Expert papers
  • Telephone support (Premium Plan only)

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