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Trading Standards departments turn to NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software when they need accurate, reliable data delivered at speed

NutriCalc® has worked closely with Trading Standards departments over many years, supplying both software and training.

Trading Standards officers and environmental health departments across the UK trust NutriCalc® online software to support them by delivering fast, accurate data.

Here are some of the ways that NutriCalc® helps Trading Standards departments with their work:

  • Cost-effective calculations

    If you offer a recipe calculation or consultancy service, NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software is the natural choice. It is competitively priced, reliable, fast and comprehensive, using the most complete data files available plus the option to create your own. So whatever a client’s requirements, you will be able to meet the brief. Check out our Pricing Plans page for more information.

  • Ideal for use on site

    NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software is available via a secure online app on your laptop or tablet, and can be accessed anywhere where there is an internet connection. It’s ideal for meetings on clients’ premises and allows you to make on-the-spot calculations where necessary.

  • Bring data to life

    NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software includes the option to auto-adjust ingredients and view the contribution of each ingredient to, for example, the fat content of a dish. Information is shown on bright graphic displays so it is easy to show clients the impact of making changes in their recipes or methods.

  • In-depth content for meat products

    Calculating meat content manually can be very difficult. Our Premium subscription plan includes access to the Meat Products Regulations file 2003/2014, which contains data on the definition of meat species, the meat content of various cuts, visual:lean ratios, and detailed information on excess fat and connective tissue.

  • Quick checks on nutrition information

    NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software is fast and easy to use, so you can check ingredients lists and QUIDs efficiently and accurately. The option to save and upload favourite or recent ingredients and recipes means you don’t have to start from scratch every time if checking the labels on a large product range.

  • Support when you need it

    As well as the support and help tools that are built in to NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software, subscribers benefit from email or telephone support, depending on which plan you choose. Find out more on our Support & Advice page.

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