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NutriCalc offers you expert support from our friendly, UK-based team via your choice of email or telephone.

NutriCalc nutrition calculation software is designed to be as easy and intuitive to use as possible, so you can get on with generating the information you need quickly and without fuss.

To help you along the way, we’ve designed a range of support tools that come with the software. These include a built-in help manual, FAQs, video tutorials and check functions that highlight where there is missing data, or where data look inconsistent or ‘wrong’.

But we understand that everyone needs extra help sometimes – and that’s where our unique email and telephone support service comes in. With more than 25 years’ experience in nutrition calculation, we’ve heard just about every question & problem there is, so you can be confident we can help!

Technical queries we are often asked about include:

  • searching for unusual ingredients
  • filling gaps in suppliers’ ingredient data
  • calculating available carbohydrate from total carbohydrate
  • converting sodium to salt (and vice versa)
  • calculating a value for ash

If any of these rings a bell, you’ll appreciate why customers rate our support services so highly.

NutriCalc® offers two levels of one-to-one support, depending on your business needs:

  • Unlimited email support

    Subscribers to our Professional plans (monthly Pay As You Go or annual) can email us as often as they need to with queries about using their NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software. We will always respond within six hours (UK working hours).

  • Unlimited telephone and email support

    Peace of mind comes as standard with our Premium plan. (monthly Pay As You Go or annual). You will have access to fast, unlimited support and advice by email or telephone (UK working hours).

Bespoke training for you

NutriCalc® also offers training for you and your team, held on your premises and designed around your business needs. Check out our Training and Consultancy page to find out more.

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