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Here are some of the questions customers often ask us about NutriCalc nutrition calculation software. If your query isn’t answered here, contact our friendly team of NutriCalc® experts for advice.

Getting Started

Answering questions about the basics

  • How do I use NutriCalc® to get nutrition information for my products?

    Getting results takes just five easy steps:

    1. enter the name of your product
    2. find your ingredient by searching our data files, or enter your own
    3. enter the ingredient quantity
    4. enter the cook/weight loss, if any
    5. Step 5? Click to enjoy your reports.
  • How accurate is NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software?

    You can rely on NutriCalc® calculations to be accurate, as long as the data you enter is accurate. Our clients, including Trading Standards departments, tell us they choose NutriCalc® because they can rely on the quality and accuracy of our data.

  • Can I be confident that nutrition information on my products is compliant with food regulations?

    NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software uses data files that have been modified where necessary to comply with EU regulations for labelling (front of pack and back of pack), ingredient lists, QUIDs and allergen declarations. Leading food companies worldwide count on NutriCalc® to supply them with the accurate, compliant data they need. 



  • Do I need training to use NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software?

    NutriCalc® software is easy and user-friendly to navigate, even if you have not used it before. You will also find plenty of support, both built in to the software and available via our online videos. That said, we always recommend training to make the most of your NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software. Find out more on our Consultancy & Training page.

  • Can you please tell me where your nutritional data is drawn from?

    When you choose NutriCalc you have access to these comprehensive data sources:


    McCance and Widdowson (7th edition) 2019

    Also known as CoFids or the UK Nutrient Databank, these files form the basis of NutriCalc nutrition calculation software, adjusted by NutriCalc in line with EU 1169/2011 legislation.


    USDA files

    Our expert team at NutriCalc have recalculated values in the USA’s official government ingredients file where necessary, to ensure they are compatible with UK data when used in our nutrition software.


    The NutriCalc Supplementary file

    NutriCalc has compiled and maintains a unique copyrighted list of supplementary ingredients, such as manufacturing aids and E-numbers, used by food industry professionals.


Answering questions comparing NutriCalc® with lab work.

  • I currently use laboratory analysis to get nutrition information. How does NutriCalc® compare?

    NutriCalc®  offers you unlimited use of the software for all of your products, so it is a cost-effective way to make as many recipe or supplier changes as you like with instant results.

    A full lab analysis of the main seven nutrients costs at least £100, so NutriCalc® pays for itself in no time. Nutrition calculation software is especially useful at the new product development (NPD) stage, or in product pitches where retail customers require nutrition information at the concept or presentation stage.

    The speed of NutriCalc® is also a huge benefit, compared to the time it takes to make, pack and send product samples off for analysis. While your competitors are waiting for lab results, you can be impressing customers and increasing profits.

  • Is NutriCalc® suitable for all food products?

    There are some processes for which calculation may not give accurate results, such as fermentation, which is unpredictable, or cooking methods where not everything stays in, or is not fully removed, such as deep frying or battering.

    Analysis may also be advisable if you are missing important information about ingredients in the product, or if you wish to make health claims for micronutrients.

  • What should I do if I am unsure about calculation vs analysis?

    Our expert team can advise you, whether you are an existing NutriCalc® subscriber or deciding to purchase. We will only advise calculation if we are confident of accuracy and we will tell you if we believe your product is more suitable for analysis. We may also be able to advise on how to use a combination of analysis and calculation to keep costs down now and in future – so it is well worth giving us a call!

Calculation Queries

Answering questions about NutriCalc®’s features

  • Can NutriCalc® cope with cook losses?

    Yes, it certainly can. You can enter this either as a percentage cook loss, or as the start and final (batch and yield) weights. Alternatively, there is a facility for entering the final moisture content if you prefer.

  • Can NutriCalc® give me full information for allergen declarations?

    Yes, the software provides data for 14 allergens and there is also the option to enter custom allergens.

  • Can NutriCalc® help me design healthier recipes?

    Yes. When you’ve entered a recipe, NutriCalc® will not only give you the nutrition information, but also a list of how much each ingredient contributes to the fat or any other nutrient, so you can easily change or reduce the high contributors. NutriCalc® also provides data for you to support low-fat or low-salt claims on recipes, and our Premium package includes the option to calculate how fruit and vegetable content contributes to 5-a-day claims.  

  • Does NutriCalc® allow me to add the overrun for ice creams?

    Yes, you can enter the percentage overrun. NutriCalc® also offers other useful functions such as being able to calculate the fruit content of preserves and to generate nutrition information per 100ml/100g, per serving size or per pack.

  • Can NutriCalc® calculate the cost of recipes?

    Yes, NutriCalc® can calculate food costings based on the ingredient costs you enter. What’s more, you can update costings across all your saved recipes at once if the price of a single ingredient changes.

Money Matters

Answering questions about subscriptions and payments.

Technical Issues

Answering questions about the computing side.

To find out more about how NutriCalc® can help your business, call us today on 01598 760673 or email us: enquiries@nutricalc.co.uk.

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