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NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software is trusted by retail and wholesale caterers to help them create menus and product ranges that meet regulatory requirements and exceed customer expectations.

At NutriCalc®, we have many years’ experience of working with catering businesses and understand the constraints of time, budget and dietary requirements that meeting a client’s brief can involve.

NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software is widely regarded as the industry’s leading tool to help caterers provide excellent service to their clients, by providing accurate, reliable, useful nutrition information at all stages, from recipe development to meal preparation and product labelling.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why caterers large and small choose NutriCalc® to help them achieve their business goals:

  • Meet the brief on budget

    With NutriCalc® online software you can stay on top of your food budget by tracking the cost of every ingredient. It’s easy to see the effect on margins of changing a supplier, ingredient or portion size, so you can quickly respond to clients’ changing budget requirements and make adjustments accordingly.

  • Quick, responsive menu creation

    NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software is an invaluable tool when you are developing recipes and menus, especially where clients require nutrition information at pitch stage. With unlimited use of NutriCalc® software, you can create and modify as many recipes as you like, as often as you like, while the built-in options to save and upload favourite ingredients and recipes with one click are a great time-saver.

  • Accuracy on allergens

    Clients need to be confident that any allergens in the foods you supply are fully identified and highlighted. NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software allows you to generate complete allergen information reports for your recipes, including the components you buy in, for full compliance and transparency for consumers. You can also enter custom allergens, and quickly calculate the effect on nutrition and cost of removing or changing an ingredient at a client’s request.

  • Keep nutrients on target

    With NutriCalc® nutrition calculation software, you can work with clients to show them how your dishes meet their specific nutrient or dietary requirements, such as low-salt, low-energy or low-fat. NutriCalc® online software is accessible on your laptop or tablet in any location with an internet connection, so it’s ideal for taking to clients’ premises or event venues.

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