Nutrition Calculation For Restaurants

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NutriCalc helps restaurants of all sizes develop recipes creatively, save money and keep customers coming back for more. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on the restaurant trade.  Many restaurants have had to diversify and adapt to the take-away market, revisit and revamp menus, and develop ideas quickly in what was already a fast-moving, changing, and adapting food industry. Trends are fast-changing and with them, customer expectations.  

With so many pressures on restaurant businesses, you need an expert tool in the kitchen to help you stay ahead of the game. 

Flexible recipe creation

Track the composition and cost of every recipe from concept to finished dish

  • Share reports with colleagues anywhere for input
  • Modifications made with ease
  • Instant visible impact of swapping an ingredient or changing portion size
  • Create and save sub-recipes so you can rapidly create and calculate composite dishes

Standardise your menus

  • Specify ingredients, quantities, and ingredient costs down to the last detail
  • Generate reports in bright graphic displays and quickly share with colleagues 
  • Instantly recalculate recipe changes and update your team to save time

Keep customers informed

  • Generate complete nutrition profiles for health-conscious diners
  • Accurate data for all-important allergen declarations
  • Identify dishes that are low fat, salt, sugar, or carbs to display on your menus or website and build trust

Save time and money

  • Quick and easy to use, in the office or in the kitchen
  • Access from laptops and tablets anywhere with an internet connection
  • Instantly show staff the impact on margins of inaccurate portion sizes, or why you are changing a supplier to save money

Service that pleases

With a range of support tools and in-built checks to help you navigate easily, subscribers also benefit from live chat, support tickets, and personal email or telephone support, depending on which package you choose. 

Find out more on our Support & Advice page.   

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